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November 16, 2014
Making the Perfect Símore Over a Campfire

No other food or recipe sounds as outdoorsy and campfire-y as a s’more does. There are of course many variations to this classic recipe, but here’s how to do it the original way, the right way.


What you need:

  • Graham crackers

  • Full marshmallows

  • Chocolate pieces, milk or dark

  • Foil on a plate

  • Skewers (metal with a wooden handle preferred)

  • Dry, untreated logs for a fire



  1. When creating the campfire, use dry wood that hasn’t been treated with any fluid or other chemicals. It will taint the taste of your s’mores.

  2. Crack graham crackers into a square, at the size you wish your s’mores to be.

  3. Place a thin piece of chocolate on one graham cracker.

  4. Stick a marshmallow onto your skewer.

  5. Roast marshmallows over the fire, turning slowly until it’s golden brown. Don’t let it get too charred, as the marshmallow will not only taste bad, but will also be bad for your health.

  6. Place hot marshmallow on your chocolate, so your piece can melt with the heat.

  7. Place other graham cracker over the marshmallow, and apply enough pressure so you can safely remove the skewer from the marshmallow.

  8. Let cool down for a few seconds, and enjoy the s’mores!


Other tips for variation:

  • Add peanut butter, spread onto the graham crackers

  • Try white chocolate for a creamier taste

  • Add jam for a different experience

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