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September 17, 2013
Cabins vs. Hotels: What Should You Choose During Your Visit to Gettysburg?

When planning your visit to Gettysburg you will be faced with many choices.  What to see, what to eat, how to get there, and most importantly: where to stay.  Generally, your decision falls between three options: first, a hotel, second, a campground, and third, the backseat of your car.  I’ll go ahead and be the first to say that option three probably isn’t going to work out, but one and two still sound pretty good.  So which do you choose?

 You’ve probably heard the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  However, when deciding on a place to lodge in Gettysburg, we here at the Cottages at Drummer Boy beg to differ.  What if you could have the comfort of a hotel with a laid-back, nature-driven atmosphere?  You can when you stay with us!

 While a hotel undoubtedly provides the comforts of home on many levels, there are situations where it falls short.  Sure, you might have a TV and air-conditioning, but what if you’d like to breathe some fresh air and get in-touch with nature?  That’s often a comfort that a hotel simply can’t provide.  Let’s not forget about campgrounds, though.  You can certainly get in-touch with nature there.  But what about that air-conditioning?  These Pennsylvania summers can be hot!  

 Enter the cabin experience at the Cottages at Drummer Boy.

 Here you are free to enjoy all the air-conditioning you want!  Better yet, you can choose to switch it up and get in tune with your wild side as well.  Our cabins offer an incredible balance between comfort and adventure.  One second you can be watching your favorite nature documentary with the family, and the next you can be whipping through the woods with the wind in your hair attempting to create your own nature documentary.

 I know what you’re thinking: “All this guy is talking about is air-conditioning and movies.  I’m not too concerned with that.  Tell me about the price!”

 During our peak season, we offer cabins that sleep 4 individuals at a rate of $100 per night.  Depending on how many people you’ve got accompanying you, this is either highly competitive with hotels in the Gettysburg area, or much more affordable.  Having your cake and eating it too doesn’t always have to be an expensive experience.

 Sure, you could make the easy choice and stay at a hotel in Gettysburg, or you can make the decision to be original and do it the old-fashioned way by enjoying your time here in an authentic log cabin.  Comfort isn’t a trait reserved for your living room at home, or even a hotel for that matter.  In addition to that, a nature-filled experience doesn’t happen exclusively at a campground.  Come stay with us at the Cottages at Drummer Boy, get the best of both worlds and do it in true Gettysburg style.  It doesn’t get much better than having your cake and eating it too!

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